Friday, August 10, 2012

Follow this Media Blog Unit 3

This is a blog covering the news about the news: . Pick one story from this week, summarize it and explain why you picked it and what you learned that was important for the future of journalism. You may write about what interested you the most in the blog post and why it interested you. Please submit at least three content rich paragraphs.

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  1. Weather professionals losing ‘Nemo’ as northeast blizzard name

    This story talks about the naming of that snow storm Nemo. Many people like it and are using it to post news as. Other news places dont like it and are refusing to use the name. Twitter is being blown up with the name from a hashtag.

    News can become informal, Nemo is a random name. It definitely get the readers attention. Many more storms or events will probably start to get these names. Some dont agree but eventually they will come round.

    I chose this because its not every day that you find Nemo on a headline. It really got my attention and want to read it. It makes yuh think how they might start to name the hurricanes.