Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Follow Media Wire - Unit 2

This is a blog covering the news about the news: . Pick one story from this week, summarize it and explain why you picked it and what you learned that was important for the future of journalism. You may write about what interested you the most in the blog post and why it interested you. Please submit at least three content rich paragraphs.


  1. Why didn’t the media find out about Manti Te’o hoax sooner?

    This week the news story of Te'o is going viral over the internet and television. Manti Te'o said that his girlfriend died of cancer recently and he would continue to play football. It caused him to visit children with cancer. Reporters dug deeper to find his girlfriend and turned out the girl didn't exist. Many reporters wonder why this wasn't caught earlier since information was hard to find on the topic. There was no obituary and family didn't want the publicity. A Heisman winner doing this is not right. It doesn't set a good example for future generations admiring him.

    I picked this article because it has been all over the news the past few days. I wanted to learn more about it and get the full story once in for all. It is starting to get annoying hearing about it but its news. It was very interesting how it took the media a while to realize the story wasn't real. Reporters dug into the story but never thought of it being false until the story of her being real went on air. It caught my eye because quite a few of the Heisman winners seem to make stupid choices after their hard work.

    I learned that it is very important to make sure anyone's statement is real and true before submitting it. It is however hard to get information for this story reliable because apparently the deadline for it was short. This definitely puts damage on the reliability of news from companies. For now news editors and reporters will be extra careful with the information they receive to do their story.

  2. Exactly Ruth - I've been following this story more as a media criticism than a celebrity scandal story. SI and ALL the rest of the MSM really dropped the ball on this. The SI reporter (and SI is very professional) even admitted he did not follow up with Teo on some questions because he "did not want to embarrass him"!! Good grief.