Monday, July 23, 2012

Follow Media Wire, Unit 1

This is a blog covering the news about the news: . Pick one story from this week, summarize it and explain why you picked it and what you learned that was important for the future of journalism. You may write about what interested you the most in the blog post and why it interested you. Please submit at least three content rich paragraphs.


  1. I chose to discuss the article Sponsored treats:AP prints news on restaurant receipts.

    An interesting concept, but not one that I believe will go over very well. The poor quality of printing on a receipt itself is something that I would not want my news delivered on. You have to think of how much someone would really pay attention to that? The article stated that this would be a way in which to deter the diner from checking their smart phones during the dinner? I am most certain that people who choose to pay more attention to their smart phones than their dinner guests are not going to changed their actions because they know at the end of dinner tehy will be delivered breaking news with their receipt. We are living in a world of immediacy, and this in my opinion will not eliminate this annoying behavior.
    For the future of journalism, I do not see this as a leap, a step or even a tiptoe in the right direction. I think that if a newspaper uses their expenses and expertise in this area, they too will be shutting their doors, at least in that department. I think journalism will do best to fed into what consumers want, whether we agree with their behavior or not. And what the consumer seems to want is everything now. It is alarming to me that we as a public want the information so fast, that we seem not to care whether that information is accurate or not. Read it now, determine its authenticity later? How is it that newspapers and magazines that operate on this model, still thrive in todays' market? But that is a whole other topic we will save for when the time is right.

    I believe that AP will regret their decision, as quickly as the registers start printing the receipts. I would have to agree with one of the comments posted on the blog, as this being one of the worst ideas of 2013. Also, given the fact that AP's decicison to do sponsored tweets on Twitter is causing quite a stir, they would do better to play it safe.

  2. Jeez - I'm with you Patti; this seems beneath AP's dignity!!