Friday, August 10, 2012

Follow this Media Blog - Unit 4

This is a blog covering the news about the news: . Pick one story from this week, summarize it and explain why you picked it and what you learned that was important for the future of journalism. You may write about what interested you the most in the blog post and why it interested you. Please submit at least three content rich paragraphs.


  1. The reason that eagle-snatches-baby video hoax went so viral

    This video shows a bird swooping down to snatch a baby but is unsuccessful. The intention was to stress the phobia people have on birds. students researched to see if it was real and they realized the video was not. I picked the article because it caught my eye and I was like interesting.

    Journalism can also be deceiving in this aspect. Sometimes it sucks because I would like to be able to trust what I am reading. What happened to common courtesy and mutual trust? Journalism might have to have employees of their own to make sure the writing within the company or internet is legit. Many people might not even want to read or learn information because they might feel that it is misleading.

    It is very interesting that this video went viral. there was nothing all that special about it. Half of it was the ground. I guess it shows how powerful the film is when a child is involved. I hope the publishers will think twice about uploading something like this. Encourage them to do something that a little more ethical.

  2. The article I choose was END OF AN ERA? Provost calls for End to Journalism Independence. I choose this because I had always had an interest working for the school paper, yet it was an extra curricular activity, which was something that I was not allowed to participate in. What a passionate view point and well justified I might add. Though it was just a proposed merger, I would say the time to act is now and bringing such attention to the cause is exactly what they need to do.

    By bringing this to the forefront of everyone's minds, they can start creating a game plan to combat any purposed changes. I agree that a student ran newspaper should be allowed to govern themselves, it is what makes them unique, it is what allows their voices to be heard. Though they didn't go into a lot of specifics, I would like to know more about the reasoning behind it and proof that what is currently going on is not working.

    I work for the University of Notre Dame, their student paper, The Observer, is a staple in the campus community. You can not pass by a dining hall, a study area, a library, or a lounge without seeing someone reading it, or at the very least, a all ready read copy lying, waiting for someone else to snatch it up. It is not only read by the students, but by the faculty and the staff. The reason being is we want to be in tuned to what is important to the students. If the newspaper was governed by another source, other than the students, would we hear their voice? I would think not.